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What we offer

Dedicated Courses

In addition to the basic school infrastructure/ Classes, RHHS offers unique resources for personal and intensive care on slow learners and delivering success to all. The school maintains safe, clean facilities that are fit for teaching and learning. RHHS is a school without the need for tuition.

Modern Library

The school has well equipped and spacious library with all necessary revision materials, texts books, novels, pace setters, magazines and other leaning materials to enhance student success. We also have a Moderrn computer hub for research and computer skills.

Qualified teachers

We have qualified motivated and competent teachers with vast teaching experience and passion to teach  and nurture students beyond completion of syllabus. They offers exemplary value based quality education, forming a strong foundation for shaping the minds of learners .

Conducive environ

Ruai Hillsview School is located in a serene and conducive learning environment of Nairobi’s Ruai Estate, Manyatta area and near Ruai shopping center. The school is situated in a middle income residential area with parcels of land measuring approximately quarter acres each. The school is positioned in a hilly land giving a clear view of neighboring hills and notably Mt. Kilimambogo to the North.

Modern Laboratory

RHHS has well equipped Laboratory built in a modern way to accommodate a good number of students. The Lab is fully stocked with lab tools and apparatus, gas and other practicals requirements. Our Lab technicians use teaching techniques that impart strong scientific knowledge to help students hypothesize, experiment and conceptualize ideas.

24 Hrs Security

The entire school is enclosed by a perimeter wall, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. This boundary is continuously monitored by guards stationed both during the day and at night, ensuring constant vigilance with the monitoring eye of teachers living in the school Compound.  These combined efforts create a secure environment conducive to learning and student safety.

#Healthy body

We ecourage all learners to participate in games to keep their bodies and mind fit.


Co-curricular activities


Ruai Hillsview School has scheduled 3 days for students to participate in Games in a week. I.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 4-5 p.m. In first term 2016, the school held interclass competitions of ball games after the completion of the end term exams. The form four class won the competition. Games are compulsory to all students to participate.


Ruai Hillsview School has set aside one day in a week for students to participate in various clubs within the school between 4-5 p.m. i.e. Wednesday. The type of clubs are CU, Sigma, Journalism, Arts, Computer, Young farmers, and Entrepreneur. CU club is open to all students. Students then choose a compulsory of one club, with a maximum of a second choice.

Spiritual Nourishment

The school routine has provided for 3 hours of worship on Saturday and two hours of either bible study or guidance and counselling the same day in the afternoon. We held a very successful weekend challenge in first term 2016 and many students were spiritually nourished. Other school were invited and they attended.

Technical Project

Technical related clubs in the school run projects either in Agriculture, Business studies and Computer studies so as to make their learnt concepts applicable. E.g. Young farmers club uses the agriculture farm for commercial crop farming.


One day has been set aside in the school routine for debating activities. I.e. on Monday between 4-5 p.m. We have participated in debating activities with Danons High School in first term 2016.Our school won the debate contest. Debate is one activity of the journalism club..

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