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Ruai Hillsview High School is a Christian private secondary school within the county of Nairobi that meets the needs of students from neighbouring counties of Kajiado, Machakos and Kiambu and the entire county.

Starting Ruai Hillsview School was an idea that was mooted in the early 2007 and the concept came close to reality in 2010, when two of the directors purchased 1.25 acres in Ruai at the periphery of Nairobi city.

The idea was not realized in 2010 due to financial constraints but in 2011 a section of the idea was partially realized when the directors established a primary school in Mombasa for children with disabilities called Zimlat Integrated Academy.

Ruai Hillsview High School is located in a serene and conducive learning environment of Nairobi’s Ruai Estate, Manyatta area and near Ruai shopping center. The school is situated in a middle income residential area with parcels of land measuring approximately quarter acres each.

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students' trip to the senate

The school is a mixed day and boarding school currently offering 8-4-4 curriculum and has full registration. Its registration number is PR/S/2/3037/14 and it is in Njiru sub county, Nairobi County. It is a KNEC examination Centre and 2016 being the first examination year, the school successfully registered 15 candidates’ i.e.11 boys and 4 girls.

The school is positioned in a hilly land giving a clear view of neighboring hills and notably Mt. Kilimambogo to the North. The name of the school RUAI HILLSVIEW HIGH SCHOOL is coined from the view of these hills and their undulating slopes.

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