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HOD Sciences














Ruai Hillsview High School science department has progressed quite well .we have fully equipped science laboratory offering pure sciences .we have the capacity to handle all practical’s of whichever nature and magnitudes using our well equipped science laboratory

we have fully qualified and experienced teachers who deliver quality knowledge to the learners .The learners are more motivated and have a positive attitude toward science subjects .the performance is quite impressive

The science department is a consolidation of three subjects’ chemistry biology and physics. We have a well established and dynamic staff comprising of motivated diligent staff who embrace team work as a policy.

availability of a well equipped laboratory with modern and sophisticated equipment, which catapult the ability of students to put into practice diverse ideas thus training them to be agents of change in their academic endeavors. The science department also takes the role of motivating students to view science positively and acting as a driving force in everyday life thus accomplishing their vision being the top cream of the society

Thank you

Mr. Victor Siro


From left: Miss. Sylvia, Mr. Victor and Miss. Linet of the Science Department

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