History of Ruai Secondary

Brief History

Starting Ruai Hillsview High School is an idea that was mooted in the early 2007 and the concept was confirmed in 2010, when two of the directors of the school purchased 1.5 acres in Ruai at the periphery of Nairobi city.  There was need to start a Christian private secondary school within the county of Nairobi to meet the needs of the students from the neighbouring counties (Kajiado, Machakos and Kiambu) who are affected by urban life.

The idea was not realized in 2010 due to financial constraints but in 2011 the idea was partially fulfilled by the directors establishing a primary school in Mombasa for children with disabilities (Zimlat Intergrated School). On returning to Nairobi in 2013 the directors sold some of their properties in Mombasa to start their dream school to cater for the disadvantaged bright students in Nairobi and its neighbourhood.

The School began  with form 1 and 2 students most of whom had lost hope for studies due to financial constraints or cultural requirements for marriage especially for the girl child. The school started first with ten students but improved over the year till they managed to get 16 students. It operated as a day school for one year and in 2016 we admitted boarders. The current population of the school is above 100 with form 4 learners in 2019 being 46. Our boarding facilities can accommodate up to 200 students. Expectation of growth of the school is to have 320 students by 2020 all being boarders.


The school is located in Ruai at the outskirts of Nairobi city to provide a serene environment for learning required for successful school while enjoying the urbanized facilities.

Target Population

Bright but poor students from Nairobi County and its environs. These are disadvantaged since most private schools in Nairobi are expensive. The urban life has affected Christian ideals for these poor students and hence need to be guided to old good ways.

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