Director Development

Mr. Joel Ombati Nyamweya

B.A (Land Econ) Hons, MISK MA (VAL&PPT MGT) UON,REA Registered & Practising Valuer.


Ruai Hillsview School (RHS) helps students make the connection between books, learning and the skills needed to be successful in life. Students must develop the work habits, character, and sense of personal responsibility needed to succeed in school, at work, and in society. As part of their class work, students have the opportunities to design independent projects, conduct experiments, solve open-ended problems, and be involved in activities that connect school to the rest of the world.

RHS management has established a direction framework and broad strategies so as to be a school of excellence in providing secondary education for the 8.4.4 curriculum. The plan recognizes that RHS aims at becoming an outstanding school providing secondary education with a Christian background in Nairobi County. The school enjoys a proud reputation for sustained excellence in teaching and learning.

RHS students exit the School well prepared for higher education, training on the world of work. They are encouraged to develop a personal and social disposition to make a worthwhile contribution to the society.

RHS plan is responsive to emerging needs arising from rapidly increasing globalization and its influences on learning and teaching. We identify an important role for the school in developing young adults who are able to engage knowledgeably, confidently, responsibly and capably as global citizens. The management recognizes the increasing impact of existing external influence on schools and the increased competition to attract gifted and talented high achieving students.

In 2016 August we launched our 5 year strategic plan which puts emphasis on our three main goals, namely; Academic Excellence, Character development and Stakeholder satisfaction. We endeavour to attain the three goals by August 2020. Our core values begin with Reverence which holds our God almighty high above everyone else. Other values that will support us in attaining our goals include;Excellence, Discpline, Hardwork, Honesty,Teamwork and Communication.

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