Director welfare



Bsc. (Apllied Science)/ Mrs. Naomi Kerubo

You have a fresh new chance to study at Ruai Hillsview School (RHS) and you should be excited to make academic excellence personal. It is never too late to change your academic life with RHS. If you didn’t meet expectations in the previous schools please note that in joining RHS you will not remain the same again.

Please note that everyone makes a mark in life and in RHS the academic engagements will leave a mark in your life as a student, worker or parent. We only encourage you to belief in yourself and cause positive impact in RHS. In our school you expect a success story of a failed student.

As director in charge of welfare would like to confirm that we have promoted democratic student leadership, Guidance and Counseling and motivated our stakeholders by treating them with utmost respect. We have already established a guidance and counseling curriculum for our learners and a Christian union club to help curb bad character development among our learners.

Ruai Hillsview is a place to be, where everyone feels respected as in the family. I belong to Ruai Hillsview Family; Je Wewe?