Director Finance



I look at Ruai Hillsview High School (RHS) and I see a promising future. A school with big brains, and necessary equipment to make best students in the country. RHS is a modern school, just from its structures and equipment one is tempted to have a look around, it is a school to be.

If your children in secondary school needs a school with modern lab equipment, set with a modern  library full of books, comfortable chairs and spacious lockers that they don’t have to share, fully operational computers and a secure environment where one can study comfortably then RHS is the place.

We are working hard to ensure that the tomorrow leaders are prepared fully and they have the courage and ability to make good and tough choices in life. We nurture, mentor and educate the young minds till they can reach their full potential. We offer them best life skills training and provide best technology for their learning. We are committed to a financial system that ensures everything with financial implication is recorded to ensure transparency and accountability. Our parents are required to enter into contract with the school and demand results as long as they fulfill their obligation of paying school fees and providing other necessary items.

RHS is giving you an opportunity you will find nowhere else. Be part of it.