Director Academics

Mrs. Linet Moraa Ikobe

Bachelor of Education (Special Needs)


Academic excellence is every parents' dream and joy. Everyone likes associating oneself with the people who matter, the people who have a good reputation, and people who have achieved and are still on the ladder to more achievements. Ever student is provided with the same opportunities in RHHS and how they convert the opportunities to something admirable, and excel academically is an achievement that solely depends on how serious they take the opportunities provided to them.

Life is a race, academic is the key to opening bigger doors in the coming future. The RHHS will not remember you because you once were a student here, but will surely remember you as a student who excelled. We all have the same time frame, same teachers, and same environment. Make sure you make every second, every opportunity, and every exam count. Be a  serious learner and aim higher always. Work smart and trust in God.