Deputy Principal


( Deputy Principal)

Education plays an important role that enable one to face a real life situation with adequate knowledge. School is a temple of learning and in Ruai Hillsview High School we are making our best effort to give quality education to our students.
It is only after leaving school that one really appreciates the feeling of having belonged to the school. This general feeling of belong, of being wanted  is so necessary to our happiness.
Establish your school in your heart and minds as something which you can really be proud of. "Some people believe and develop a plan, Some people doubt, never think that they can. Some people face hurdled and give it their best, Some people back down when faced with test.
We all have a choice, we all have a say, We are spectator in life or we get in and play. Whichever we choose, how to handle life games the choice is ours and no one else to blame."
Mr. Collins Okoth

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