About us


In RHHS every department is independent on its own. Decision and work plan and the success of each department and the particular subjects that top is rewarded in RHHS. Each department is headed by Head of Department who answers to the school on behalf of the department as a whole.
To avoid much disturbances each department is set aside with an office of its own apart from the staffroom. This helps the teachers to plan better and handle more students within the departments thus reducing congestion in staffrooms.

about us

Ruai Hillsview High School is a Boarding secondary school located in Ruai area, off Manyatta road, Njiru Subcounty and Nairobi County.  It works with strong educational leaders (this includes the manager, principal, senior teachers, and other staff members) to define a vision of academic excellence, and works with consultants to develop an engaging and coherent  curriculum, and serve as a mentor and role model for teachers and students alike.

The school has form one to form four classes and provides the 8-4-4 Kenyan education curriculum system. Ruai Hillsview High school provides  learning resources like books, computers, laboratory equipment, technology, and other resources that students need to be successful. It also maintains safe, clean facilities that are fit for teaching and learning.

The location of the school is undisputedly serene and conducive for learners who require to be away from the city but within the city county.

The school  also offers computer classes to all students as part of the school learning curriculum, thus equipping them technologically and preparing them towards fulfilling vision 2030.


  • Reverence: The manifestation of great respect of God as the supreme.
  • Excellence: A quality of doing things to the highest attainable levels at all times.
  • Discipline: Following set rules, regulations and practices to build moral character.
  • Hard work: Putting more effort into something and doing it well.
  • Honesty: Always telling the truth and never stealing or cheating.
  • Team work: Working well together to achieve a common goal despite any personal conflicts.
  • Communication: Keeping each other updated on what is going on at all times.